Stretch Tents

The flexible alternative to a traditional marquee

Stretch tents are extremely versatile and can be rigged in many different ways to form distinctive free-flowing contours. A stretch tent provides the perfect setting for any event - from a simple garden party to a large festival or show. Stretch tents can be rigged in different ways to suit the individual circumstances and preferences you have for your event, producing a unique and stunning structure for maximum impact. Due to their unique design, a stretch tent flexes and flows around your exact requirements.

Their modular design enables us to build flexible configurations to cater for any size or type of event, making them a more flexible solution than a more traditional marquee.


Suitable for rental and use all year around and completely waterproof, stretch tents can be rigged to create either an open and breezy space or a fully enclosed and intimate setting, depending on the weather, season or your own requirements.

Stretch tents open up spaces for entertaining that other marquees simply cannot offer, meaning that you can have your event almost anywhere you would like it.

Stretch tents can be set up on all surfaces, whether it be a lawn or patio, against buildings, roof terraces or uneven ground. They can be built over water features, plants, or courtyards, giving you new possibilities to entertain and provide shelter in areas you had not possible before.

Not only can the size and shape of the stretch tent be modelled to your specific requirements, we can even rig them to make light airy space showcasing beautiful surroundings or views. Having the sides fully open to the surrounding scenery will in effect bring the outside inside, allowing it to be part of your event, rather than blocked out.


Hiring a stretch tent provides you with the ability to create flexible yet stunning sheltered space and are capable of fitting into areas ordinary marquees can’t. The structures blend perfectly into any landscape, they can be temporarily attached to buildings, cover courtyards and provide extended outdoor entertainment area well into the colder months.

The versatility of stretch tents means they are equally at home covering a country pub beer garden or a stylist city centre roof terrace.


Whatever the size you require the possible configurations are endless. The modular nature of stretch tents enables us to seamlessly link structures together to form elegant spaces for parties of up to 300 people.

Our tents can be configured in the following four ways:


All sides up


One side down


Sides up, corners down


Three sides down


Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.

The modular nature of stretch tents means that most configurations can be accommodated.

Prices are based on area in square metres and include a site visit, delivery, set up, take down and removal to all locations within a 100-mile radius of BB7 postcode.

Please note: Additional charges may be applied for particularly difficult sites, higher than usual haulage costs and so on, but these will be made clear on any quotes provided.